Judge's Name Tags

The SCBA has a new company providng the name tags for us. Black Mule Print is located in Myrtle Beach.

The name tags are $16 each. If you need a name tag, please email them with the requested information (see below) and someone from Black Mule Print will contact you with a proof for you to verify. They will also collect the payment from you and once your name tag is printed, they will mail it to your home address.

The name tags are available as a standard pin or with a magnetic connector.

Please email the following information to Black Mule Print:

  • First and Last Name (as you would like for it to appear on your name tag).
  • Judging Rank (Certified Judge, Senior Judge, Master Judge)
  • Optionally, additional Names for tags you would like printed (ie: family member), including the Judging Rank.
  • Your Mailing Address.

Send the email to summer@blackmule.net.